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A  good resource for any Marmions worldwide, includes, but not limited to census, passenger lists, death index, newspaper clips, publications.
We hope with our research and contributions from others that we can finally find how they all fit together, because their history seems to be very much intertwined.
As many members of the family have said generations ago, the Marmions are "One Family". Our mission is to prove this. We have donated our time and resources to achive this
and welcome you to join us.
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"T h e   l a n d   w e   l e f t   a n d   t h e  
l a n d   w e   l i v e   i n.
O n   S h a m r o c k   b e d s   o f   t h e  
f i r s t,   o u r   y o u t h f u l
a f f e c t i o n s   a n d   t h e   l o v e   o f  
l i b e r t y   w e r e   f o r m e d,
i n   t h e   l a t t e r   t h e y   h a v e   b e e n  
m a t u r e d.   E a c h   h av e   t h e i r
s e p e r a t e   c l a i m s   o n   o u r  
w a r m e s t   a f f e c t i o n s,  
f r i e n d s h i p s,
a n d   g r a t i t u d e,   w h i c h    t i m e  
c a n   n e v e r   e r a s e   f r o m   t h e 
h e a r t s   o f   I r i s h m e n."

Arthur Marmion
April 6, 1835
a speech given at the Washington DC Benevolent Society Celebration
on St. Patricks Day

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Lincoln, Illinois
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